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October 7, 2008

Godfather Update and more Linktasticness

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*  Slate weighs in on the Godfather restoration, discussed in this space last week.  Verdict: Unbelievably good.

*  For my money, Keane does Coldplay ten times better than Coldplay.  For one thing, Tom Chaplin’s voice is approximately 0.03% as annoying as Chris Martin’s.  Keane’s new album is streaming free here.

* Reports of the death of the great magazine No Depression appear to have been greatly exaggerated, thankfully, as it relaunches online. Hooray!

* Two hypnotically fascinating links: an animation of all the air traffic worldwide in a 24-hour period, and the computer-generated evolution of walking creatures. You won’t be able to stop watching either one.

* I’m a sucker for outside-the-box advertising ideas.  Also for inspiring high school sports stories.



  1. Tom has one of the few amazing voices out right now. Just pristine.

    Comment by Ginger — October 7, 2008 @ 10:11 am | Reply

  2. Listening to the new Keane album now….even though it is somewhat a departure from the previous two albums, I am loving it.

    Comment by Will Hinton — October 22, 2008 @ 12:17 am | Reply

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